Tuesday, July 20, 2010

keepin' it real

okay internet. you've seen bubbies pretty bedroom all cleaned up. you've seen my cute, organized playroom but you ain't never seen what i'm about to show you. i'm all about keepin' it real. don't want you putting me on some sort of pedestal or anything. so with that said....

proceed with caution....

the images below are disturbing....

no this is not a recent episode of hoarders,

this would be the contents of our master bedroom closet.

yes we had all of that in our closet/office/ gift room/ baby storage. a big closet is not what it is always made out to be. ours was our dumping ground. an easy place to drop some clutter when we wanted the rest of the house to look nice. just close the door and no one gets hurt. well not no more! closet systems have been purchased. the dumping ground has been emptied out. holes are patched. super dad is ready to paint and put in our new system and i've got a morning of sorting to do. watch out ebay and craigs list. here i come with lots of junk to give you!

super dad is busy on a call in his newly cleared out office (um i mean closet?)

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