Wednesday, January 27, 2010


that pretty much sums up our life these days, hence the lack of blogging. life here has been full. preschool is back full swing. gymnastics takes place one day a week also. t-ball is fixin' to start. bible study is just getting back into the groove. we've been playing hard, cleaning out and organizing to start our year off right. blogging has not been a priority.

so here's an update on us:

bubbie is doing great. still working on a little reading here and there. building lego ships like crazy. doing better about picking up his room each day with a little encouragement from mom. just put in for two potential schools for him to attend to in the fall. i can't believe kindergarten is just around the corner. praying hard to figure out what will be best for him.

sass is sassier than ever. constantly dressing up. enamored with all things "princess". took her to see her "first movie", the princess and the frog. she loved it and was too cute. her tiny little self wasn't heavy enough to hold the seat closed so she kept getting shut in it! officially in full time panties except at night (although she usually wakes up dry). this is a good thing except she seems to have way more accidents than bubbie did. i guess she doesn't want to risk missing out on anything. she moved up a level in gymnastics and loves all her little friends in her class. she is counting down the days until her third birthday (still two months away!) so she can have a princess party!

mr. bear is growing growing. at 4 months he was 14 lbs. still hates bottles. sleeping great. nurses like a champ! loves to chew on his fingers and is starting to be able to hold toys and chew on those too. he sits in his bumbo now on the kitchen table during dinner time, so cute! he is sweet and smiley and an absolute love bug!

as for me my plate is full too. i am chair elect of a 5k for the junior league here that is rapidly approaching. i have started back to my mom to mom bible study, what a blast of encouragement i get each week from it! i am attempting to work out daily during nap time to a jillian michael's dvd since the gym is next to near impossible to get to these days. i'm ready for spring and summer and warm weather and playgrounds and the pool. between my commitments and my kiddos we are go go go!but it is fun, i can rest when i'm dead!

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

wishes for 2010

i read on another friend of mine's blog (thanks garrett!) about having wishes for the new year instead of resolutions... i love this idea, especially since the new year is also my birthday, wishes seem so much more appropriate.

my main wish this year is to be more intentional in everything i do. to have purpose.

here is my "wish list" for my 32nd year of life:
  • have weekly movie/homemade pizza night with the kids
  • spend more time in the word / family bible study
  • go on a monthly date with super dad
  • commit to a get away with super dad every 6 weeks within 6 hours of our home for 36 hours
  • exercise daily
  • take a weekly family bike ride ( i got a new bike for my birthday and a trailer for the little bitties!)
  • cook more, including one new recipe a week
  • start a one on one day with each of the kids once a month to do something special
  • simplify- declutter, get rid of all the extra junk in our house
  • have the entire neutral area of our home repainted and our carpets deep cleaned
  • limit my time on blogs and facebook!

so that's my starting point for my wish list..... what are your wishes for the year?

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