Friday, April 23, 2010


i am blogging this morning while drinking coffee and watching the today show and my house is quiet.

the big kids had a spend the night last night with their grandparents. my husband and i went out to dinner with mr. bear. it was so easy. it was quiet. we got home. i nursed the little guy and out he went. our house was so quiet. no bedtime baths or pajama struggles. no bed time stories, tuck me ins or please snuggle for just a minute mores. it was so quiet.

this morning we woke up and came down stairs and made coffee (okay so that always happens). no brush your teeth, put on your clothes, drink your milk. it was quiet.

right now mr.bear is in the exersaucer and here i am typing a way. no ones asking me to put her cinderella dress on or check out the latest lego ship he built. i had breakfast with this sweet little guy and am enjoying the quiet.

you forget what life with just a baby is like. you don't appreciate the time you get with that little one the first time around because you don't understand that you will never get that opportunity to focus on just one little person ever again. this morning life has slowed down for just a little bit and it's nice, but the noise will be back soon and i will appreciate it a little more after it's been missing. and hopefully this isn't the quiet before the storm.......

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

flash mob + glee music = smile on my face

i was reading one of my favorite blogs tonight where i clicked on a link about a flash mob. i had never heard of a flash mob before but apparently its where a whole lot of people do something completely random in a public place. i googled it and found a flash mob of people frozen for 5 minutes in grand central station and a flash mob of people wearing no pants on a subway. crazy, yet pretty entertaining stuff.... but this one has to be the best of all.... i could watch it over and over again! enjoy and thank me later (well actually thank rage against the minivan for sharing it with me so i could share it with you.)

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

meal plan monday... ummm i mean tuesday!

so i'm a day late.... we ate in last night though so i will just post date that meal for ya. better late than never right??

monday- balsamic grilled chicken, baked sweet potatoes and sugar snap peas

tuesday- homemade veggie pasta sauce w/ thin spaghetti , salad and those yummy looking wheat rolls from Faithful Provisions. (image from FP's)

wednesday- church

thursday- whole wheat soft tacos, rice pilaf and sugar snap peas

friday- concert night on the square! i'm making yummy sausage baked beans to take

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Friday, April 16, 2010

sittin' in my highchair

a while back i found a super cheap wooden high chair at a consignment sale. i have been wanting one since i sold off our hunk a junk plastic one because i never liked it. it was huge and plastic and not cute!

so anyway, i found this cheap (as in $20 but still great quality) wooden one but it was the honey color of resturant high chairs, so not cute. i gave super dad a mission... make my high chair cool please.

well super dad isn't called super for no reason! he did a SUPER job! so we had an impromptu photo shoot this morning in the cute new high chair (he helped make that super cute baby too!). thanks super dad! you did great!

( this picture was taken by bubbie... pretty cool huh?!)

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

a super easy way to help out

so here's another easy peasy way to help out
all you have to do is go to facebook and become a fan of firesense. for every 50 fans they get they are donating a $100. they have already donated $200 today! this is such an easy way to help out so I ask that you click the link below and help these babies in uganda!! thanks!
- until Friday April 16 5 p.m. EDT and they will donate to They are up to $200 so far - let's help them help

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010 - helping the children in uganda

some incredible daddies i know are going to uganda. these men are leaving their families, their babies to go and help some babies that need more than our children will ever know or understand. what they are doing is amazing. you can help them. you can help them by shopping at neema. you can help them by making a donation. but mostly you can help them by praying for them. you NEED to read why they are going. it's important. it's critical. it's heartbreaking. please pray for these babies. please pray for these daddies. please pray for their families while they are gone. please visit and find out more.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

neema.... shop for change

wanna score some super cute stuff and make a difference?? then you totally need to go check out neema and help out some babies in uganda..... wow!

UPDATE!!! Neema shop is having a give away! win a cute board like this:

run now to their blog and check it out!!

eta: this is from my friends fb... - from today through April 22, sales from the Neema shop will help Dan Owens & Michael Lines as they head to Uganda to help Kampiringsia! & a new artist has joined! Check it all out & spread the word

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Monday, April 12, 2010

back on track......

i've been a bad blogger. i know it. this three kid thing kind of rocked my world. but i'm going to get back on track. i have taken some photography for mom classes over the past few weeks and i'm loving playing with my camera, therefore i need an outlet to show off my fun pics, so i'm going to get back on track. the kids are growing. getting bigger. saying and doing funny things. i need to document those, so i promise..... i'm going to get back on track.

until then though i will leave you with two fun pics i took this week.... remember i had a baby niece born right after mr. bear? well she's grown up....4 months now and mr. bear is 7. they went on spring break together to mimi's house (the mommy's went too.... they're too little to travel alone). they are really cute, kinda like irish twins.... except they aren't irish and they aren't twins, but they sure do look it in this field of clover.

baby v loving the clover

mr. bear..... ummm not so much

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