Friday, April 16, 2010

sittin' in my highchair

a while back i found a super cheap wooden high chair at a consignment sale. i have been wanting one since i sold off our hunk a junk plastic one because i never liked it. it was huge and plastic and not cute!

so anyway, i found this cheap (as in $20 but still great quality) wooden one but it was the honey color of resturant high chairs, so not cute. i gave super dad a mission... make my high chair cool please.

well super dad isn't called super for no reason! he did a SUPER job! so we had an impromptu photo shoot this morning in the cute new high chair (he helped make that super cute baby too!). thanks super dad! you did great!

( this picture was taken by bubbie... pretty cool huh?!)

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Hyperactive Lu said...

Oh, I love it!

Katie said...

Kudos to Matt on the highchair! LOVE it! And of course the cutie in it too :)

Danielle said...

Oh my goodness so cute! I have to say everytime I see new pics. of your babies it makes me want another...they are just too cute!

emily Truong said...

So how did Matt do it? I have a highchair like that, that I want to paint a different color with the washed out look....but Im not sure how to get the washed out look.

Mel said...

Hi there! Adorable baby - although probably not a baby anymore, lol. Anyway, what are the chances you still have that high chair??