Friday, December 11, 2009

it's been a busy week....

as our family has grown by two more feet!

i haven't been around much this week as I am no longer just a mother but now an AUNT too!

meet baby "V". she came into the world at 4:27am on 12.8.09 weighing in at 7lbs 80z and 19.25 inches long. and best of all i was blessed enough to be there for her arrival! what an amazing honor my brother and sister in law let me have by being by sil's side through her labor and waiting in recovery to be one of the very first to lay my eyes on her. i am so thankful for that experience!

welcome to the world baby "V"! bubbie, sass and mr. bear couldn't be happier to have you join in on the fun precious little one! we love you!

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Monday, December 7, 2009

watch me grow - 3 months old!

I can't believe three months have passed by already! Bubba bear is getting big and quick, please slow it down! I used a very scientific method to figure out how big he is now yesterday by weighing myself and then weighing myself with him. If my calculations are correct mr.bear is about 13 lbs. He is super smiley and sweet now. We have pretty much nailed down a three hour schedule during the day, but he is not a great napper, only giving me about 45 minutes to an hour. I have got to get him stretching out those naps a little longer. About a week ago I introduced a sound machine to help him which does seem to help a little. Last night I started running a humidifier too b/c he is a snorty piggy and I think it's because his little nose dries out. It seemed to work last night as he nursed at 7, went in his crib and I woke him at 11 for a dream feed and moved him to our room where he slept until 4:30. I popped the paci and he went back to sleep until 6:15!! YAY!

Our little bear has really woken up this month. We get tons of smiles and coos now. He loves to chew on his fingers and suck his thumb but when he wants comfort it's the paci he goes for! He is doing super nursing. We are just so in love with this boy!

1 month old!

2 months old!

3 Months Old

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

major diaper stash sell off....

Ok now that I have confirmed that bubba bear is not a girl and have played around w/ numerous brands of diapers I am selling off everything I don't just love of his and Sass's (yeah for potty training!!).

All of these diapers come from a non smoking pet free home. They have been washed in rockin' green. Pocket diapers don't include inserts but I am happy to add one for $1. If you want to purchase multiply diapers I am more likely to bargain with you as I will be combining shipping costs. I am listing these to the best of my ability but have a ton so I could possibly miss something. Please ask questions if you are unsure about anything! All prices include shipping and paypal fees. I only ship to the US. I am open to trades but am only looking for new version bumgenius AIO's in small or medium no girly colors!

Alright here's what I've got
size small fuzzibunz
some are version 1 and some are 2 and I don't know the difference! all are in VGUC and are
$9 ppd (the light green has a very small stain that should sun out!)

Two size small swaddlebee AIO's bought new by me EUC $11 ppd

Thirstie's AIO's xs periwinkle s blue s yellow VGUC (xs periwinkle was bought new by me!) $10ppd
Thirstie Fab Fitteds all size small VGUC $8ppd

Covers- listed in order
xs Imse Vimse organic stripe cover $8 VGUC s Thirsties Cover in butter EUC $9 s Bummis Super Brite EUC $9 m Blueberry minky VGUC (some pilling) $11 size 1 thirstie duo in green like new $10
newborn lightwrap $4

White xs thirsties NWT $10
AIO's all stuffable all in VGUC

m swaddlebees in periwinkle $10
m blueberry in pale pink $10
l swaddlebees w/ organic velour inner $12

both bought new by me w/ organic velour inners and are like new EUC $11

Medium hot pink KND VGUC $9
Floral Tailfeather Designs Sm $8
Pink Captian FluffyPants Sm $8
Blueberrys all VGUC

M Seaspray $9
M chocolate minky w/ pink dots $10
M pink/lavendar/sage dot minky $10
L bubblegum $9
L Seaspray $9

Swaddlebees (all snaps except the dark green and they were all bought by me except dark green)

S forest green GUC $5ppd
M butter EUC $9ppd
M white (2) EUC $9ppd
M peach (2) EUC $9 ppd

ES baby Apple and Pears fitted and cover set size newborn EUC
the fitted has a snap in insert for faster drying, loved this! $20 for the set

Like I said, I have listed these the best I can. None of the diapers have any major flaws but there could be some slight staining on a few . I tried to list them as I remember, but if you have any questions PLEASE ASK!

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Monday, November 30, 2009

week of thanks fail + dinner this week

Okay so I totally FAILED at my week of thanks! last week was crazy w/ bubbie having strep throat and then thanksgiving and I just never got back on here, but at least super dad got props! LOL!

But now it's time to get back to buisness, So whatcha eatin' this week... I am halfway through with my grocery list and have our meal plan laid out for the week...

Sunday- Thanksgiving leftovers
Monday- Homemade mac and cheese w/ left over ham and salad (going to google and see if I can find a good crock pot recipe other wise I will use my ol' faithful).
Tuesday- Mini bbq meatloaves, greenbeans and mashed taters
Wednesday- Chicken Pot Pie
Thursday- spending the night out to see christmas lights
Friday- homemade pizza night (thanks to our friends the Shochs, going to steal their recipes!)

So what are you eatin' this week?

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Monday, November 23, 2009

a week of thanks- day 1

In honor of Thanksgiving this week I am blogging A Week of Thanks. The Lord has blessed me in ways I could never imagine, so this week I want to make an extra effort to be thankful for these blessings. I would love if you would join me this week and share what you are thankful for too! So I can't think of a better place to start than with ..... dun da da dun..... SUPER DAD!

I wish I could take credit for giving Super Dad his name, but I can't. Actually a very close friend of mine started referring to him this way quite a while back and she is so right, super dad he is! I have never met a guy more involved and loving towards his children. He doesn't want to miss anything! He goes to gymnastic classes and class parties and plays, even if he one of the only dads there! He plays games with our kids and has the patience of Job (most of the time!). He is incredible because he does bath and bedtime pretty much every night. He sees that as his special time with them. He is an encourager. He is a great leader. He takes the time to teach them what's important. My kids have great Bible knowledge because their father takes the time to tell them stories every single night. No matter how tired he is and how ready he is to get bedtime over with, he never skips their Bible story. He really is super!

I am so thankful to have a husband who works hard all day and then picks up extra programming jobs at night so I can be home with our kids. He sacrifices so much for us and I don't know if he knows how much we appreciate him. He loves his family and puts us and our needs before everything else and for that I am thankful. I am thankful my sons have a great role model of what a man should be and my daughter a model of what a husband should look like. What a blessing!

So tonight not only do I say "thank you God for blessing us with this wonderful man", but I also say " thank you honey for all you do for us!".

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm so "flippin' excited to try out flip!

I'm 11 weeks into cloth diapering a newbie. With Sass I didn't start until 4 months so I didn't know much about cloth diapering a teeny tiny. Well 11 weeks in and my all time favorite diapers are our bumgenius AIO's. They are super simple, super absorbant and we haven't had a single breastfed poop explosion in them. My second favorites would be my gdiapers. I love the fit of the gdiapers and the concept, but I don't love the cotton g pants. Well actually I do love them but I don't love that they feel damp after wearing them for a while and I don't love that I have to snap in those silly liners and change them out after pretty much every poopy diaper. But other than that I do love them and I have purchased 4 more covers in the next size along with a bunch of g cloth.

All that to say, I'm now super excited to try out the flip system. It may be the best of both worlds. It's similar to a g diaper system as you use the same cover multiple times and just lay an insert (either disposable, stay dry or organic) inside. But it's made like a bG! one size with snaps, so hopefully being made of PUL won't feel damp after a while. And it's a one size so more economical than purchases multiple sizes of what ever system you do like. I have heard too that my gcloth will work in the flip system which is good since I have a dozen or so of them!

So now that bubba bear is growing like a weed, I have sold off all our xsmall diapers and used that money to invest in a one day pack of flips, plus an extra single flip in ribbit green (my all time fave!). I also ordered a pack of the disposable inserts to try out and compare against the gdiaper inserts. I do like this option for when we are out and about all day long and I don't want to haul dirty diapers around!

This is the perfect time to try out the Flip system ( or any other Bumgenius diapers) too because bumgenius is allowing a rare sale. And if you purchase from Kelly's Closet today you can get free shipping too on orders over $50 using the code FORFUN.

Click here to visit Kelly's Closet

I'll be back to update once I get them in and do a full comparison between Flip and gdiapers.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

wordless wednesday

Yes, I'm THAT mom. You know the one who thinks it's really cute for all her kids to match. Cheesey, yes. So stinkin' adorable, yup that too! And I will do it as long as I can get away with it!

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

dinner dilemmas

Is dinner a battle at your house? Are you stuck in a food rut with your kids? We are. I'm tired of cooking the same things. I am tired of cooking new things and only super dad and I eating them. I don't know where I went wrong.

From the get go, I pureed my kids food. I have offered them all kinds of table food from early on. I expose them to numerous things, yet they still only like "kid" food for the most part. It is so frustrating. With bubbie, it was very definite when he quit eating whatever was put in front of him. I remember being on bed rest with Sass and he was just over two. We put his plate in front of him and he politely handed it back to us and told us "no thank you"! This was a child who ate EVERYTHING! He would eat peas and carrots by the bowl full, couldn't devour a sweet potato fast enough, loved all fruits. Sass was always picky. The girl would never eat any meat besides chicken (and that is still debatable), but still she use to eat more than she does now and I think a lot of that is because she follows Bubbie's lead.

I'm not a short order cook though. Whatever I prepare for dinner is what they are served. I do always put some sort of fruit on their plate so at least if they don't eat their dinner they will get a serving of fruit and a glass of milk in their tummies.

Tonight I made chili and baked potatoes. I put butter and cheese on their potatoes. You would think I served them a plate full of bugs. Sass would have nothing to do with any of it. She ate her peaches and that was it. Bubbie did take a few bites, though amidst a flood of tears. Who knew a cheesy potato could make someone cry?!

What are you tricks? How do you get your kids to try new things and not fear new foods? (and just for the record, dips don't work with my kids. they don't even really care for ketchup! crazy!).

I would love your feed back, your tried and true tricks!

I will leave you with a list of food that they actually will eat.

string cheese
peanut butter and honey (s will eat jelly, b won't)
grilled cheese
black bean and cheese quesadillas
pumpkin pancakes
regular pancakes
muffins ( pumpkin and blueberry are faves)
cheeseburgers (b only)
turkey and cheese (b only)
hotdogs (b only)
ravioli (s only)
mac and cheese
mandarin oranges (s only)
apple slices
pears (s only)
chip and cheese dip
cereal w/ milk
cheese pizza
oatmeal (s only)
baked beans
sweet potato fries (baked)
meatballs (b only)

I try to make all these things as healthy as possible such as using whole grain breads and pastas. Looking at the list I guess they eat a little more than I thought but I would still like to get them to try more. I would love to get them to try soups, more pastas, obviously more vegetables (umm.. I mean any vegetables). Mostly, I want them to not fear trying new things. I don't care if they dislike things, I just want them to not have a fear of trying new foods. Give me your feedback!

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

supper planning sunday

Woo to the Hoo! I have not only meal planned for the week but already done my grocery shopping too. Way to start the week off right! Here's what we've got going on this week, share your menu with me in my comments if you please! I'm not actually cooking the first two nights ( I know, I know, don't laugh!), but I am the rest of the week! Also, I am going to start to try and cook at least one thing a week that I can halve and freeze so I can stock my freezer with some ready made meals.

Sunday- Marachi night at the La Pa ( our fave mexican joint!)
Monday- Dinner at my moms
Tuesday - chili (freeze half) and baked potatoes
Wednesday- fettucine w/ broccoli (no fettucine sauce, instead a little olive oil and parmesean cheese)
Thursday- orange chicken, brown rice, corn on the cob
Friday- Tacos

So what are you eating this week? Oh and let me know if you have any good freezable recipes!

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

a saturday afternoon hike

what a better way to spend a saturday then snugglin'

while hiking up a mountian

on a beautiful fall day

with you favorite friend

and some chocolate milk

discovering cool things

and climbing trees

with those you love the most!

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