Monday, December 7, 2009

watch me grow - 3 months old!

I can't believe three months have passed by already! Bubba bear is getting big and quick, please slow it down! I used a very scientific method to figure out how big he is now yesterday by weighing myself and then weighing myself with him. If my calculations are correct mr.bear is about 13 lbs. He is super smiley and sweet now. We have pretty much nailed down a three hour schedule during the day, but he is not a great napper, only giving me about 45 minutes to an hour. I have got to get him stretching out those naps a little longer. About a week ago I introduced a sound machine to help him which does seem to help a little. Last night I started running a humidifier too b/c he is a snorty piggy and I think it's because his little nose dries out. It seemed to work last night as he nursed at 7, went in his crib and I woke him at 11 for a dream feed and moved him to our room where he slept until 4:30. I popped the paci and he went back to sleep until 6:15!! YAY!

Our little bear has really woken up this month. We get tons of smiles and coos now. He loves to chew on his fingers and suck his thumb but when he wants comfort it's the paci he goes for! He is doing super nursing. We are just so in love with this boy!

1 month old!

2 months old!

3 Months Old

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Chula said...

He's gorgeous!!!!!

Lu said...

He is so cute and getting so big!