Monday, April 12, 2010

back on track......

i've been a bad blogger. i know it. this three kid thing kind of rocked my world. but i'm going to get back on track. i have taken some photography for mom classes over the past few weeks and i'm loving playing with my camera, therefore i need an outlet to show off my fun pics, so i'm going to get back on track. the kids are growing. getting bigger. saying and doing funny things. i need to document those, so i promise..... i'm going to get back on track.

until then though i will leave you with two fun pics i took this week.... remember i had a baby niece born right after mr. bear? well she's grown up....4 months now and mr. bear is 7. they went on spring break together to mimi's house (the mommy's went too.... they're too little to travel alone). they are really cute, kinda like irish twins.... except they aren't irish and they aren't twins, but they sure do look it in this field of clover.

baby v loving the clover

mr. bear..... ummm not so much

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