Friday, April 23, 2010


i am blogging this morning while drinking coffee and watching the today show and my house is quiet.

the big kids had a spend the night last night with their grandparents. my husband and i went out to dinner with mr. bear. it was so easy. it was quiet. we got home. i nursed the little guy and out he went. our house was so quiet. no bedtime baths or pajama struggles. no bed time stories, tuck me ins or please snuggle for just a minute mores. it was so quiet.

this morning we woke up and came down stairs and made coffee (okay so that always happens). no brush your teeth, put on your clothes, drink your milk. it was quiet.

right now mr.bear is in the exersaucer and here i am typing a way. no ones asking me to put her cinderella dress on or check out the latest lego ship he built. i had breakfast with this sweet little guy and am enjoying the quiet.

you forget what life with just a baby is like. you don't appreciate the time you get with that little one the first time around because you don't understand that you will never get that opportunity to focus on just one little person ever again. this morning life has slowed down for just a little bit and it's nice, but the noise will be back soon and i will appreciate it a little more after it's been missing. and hopefully this isn't the quiet before the storm.......

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Amber said...

Wow! Can't even imagine! Enjoy it, like you said and then appreciate it and enjoy the noise once more again!

The Roaming Southerner said...

hahaah thanks for letting me see how to appreciate this time!

Hyperactive Lu said...

So true! Its amazing how you appreciate different things in life the more children you have!!! Life with one was SOOOO easy! ;) But I wouldn't trade anything to have my 3 boys!

Diana said...

so true!!!! I have those same thoughts. I stayed home from church on Sunday with Olivia(she was sick) and it was sooo nice. It's fun to have them alone with you. I'm appreciating this stage with her.

We didn't know how easy one was...but, it was all we knew. But, the transition to mommyhood was hard for me. 3 is hard in different can be insane! Ha!