Sunday, January 3, 2010

wishes for 2010

i read on another friend of mine's blog (thanks garrett!) about having wishes for the new year instead of resolutions... i love this idea, especially since the new year is also my birthday, wishes seem so much more appropriate.

my main wish this year is to be more intentional in everything i do. to have purpose.

here is my "wish list" for my 32nd year of life:
  • have weekly movie/homemade pizza night with the kids
  • spend more time in the word / family bible study
  • go on a monthly date with super dad
  • commit to a get away with super dad every 6 weeks within 6 hours of our home for 36 hours
  • exercise daily
  • take a weekly family bike ride ( i got a new bike for my birthday and a trailer for the little bitties!)
  • cook more, including one new recipe a week
  • start a one on one day with each of the kids once a month to do something special
  • simplify- declutter, get rid of all the extra junk in our house
  • have the entire neutral area of our home repainted and our carpets deep cleaned
  • limit my time on blogs and facebook!

so that's my starting point for my wish list..... what are your wishes for the year?

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Sweetlove said...

Very impressive list of wishes. I will try to encourage you in your efforts.
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

What great wishes!! Good luck with them. :)

Anonymous said...
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Dill Family said...

Can I steal your list? March is not too late...right?:)