Saturday, July 24, 2010

bumgenius 4.0s..... the lowdown

first off... no i did not get eaten by the disaster of my bedroom. it actually looks amazing, but my camera phone just wasn't cuttin' it to take pictures and i honestly have been super busy this week and haven't had a chance. you will have to wait a few more days to get to see the amazing transformation that took place and unleashed a cleaning, purging monster. we still have a few things to go through, a book shelf to buy, etc. but the progress is fantastic. i'm in love with my new closet. it makes me happy! LOL!

okay onto bumgenius 4.0.... the official review. my sweet friend amber owns a great online carrier store called heavenly hold. she also sells bumgenius products and i have purchase probably 90% of mr. bears diapers from her. i own flips, 3.0s, sized AIOs, and elementals (organic aios). i love them all for different reasons.

i used 2.0s with sass until i wore them out, so i upgraded to the 3.0s with mr.bear. these are great diapers for babysitters as they go on just like a sposie (except when some one in the church nursery puts one on inside out. as in the PUL facing the baby. as in the cloth on the outside.... craziest thing i have ever seen... sorry i digress). then sweet amber asked me if i would like to try out a 4.0 and write a review on it for her. ummm.... YES! ( ps. that is my disclosure that i did not purchase my 4.0 from her, but have purchased many many other diapers from her prior to this gift, there you have it FCC). Wow, this is a long post and i still have yet to review the diaper, sorry about that.

okay so i chose a noodle (aka... off white) 4.0 w/ snaps. i do have to say as a lover of the brights, i was taken aback by how drawn to the noodle color i was and i really like the name. it is a nice neutral and will be perfect under some of our "church" clothes that brights show through. the inserts haven't changed at all, nor had the inner, but that is fine since i liked both already. i'm loving me some snaps. i keep several aplix on hand as they are better for others who aren't use to cloth diapers ( well usually, see above mentioned nursery story) but i love my snaps for me (and super dad has gotten quite good at puttin' snaps on if i do say so myself). i don't sew so i don't really understand how the whole replaceable elastic feature works, but i'm sure if i get to that point, i will appreciate it. i have a fairly good rotation though, so i would be surprised if i had to replace elastic. other than that, the fit is the same ( i know they say it will fit bigger babies, but mr. bear is a string bean so i really couldn't tell the difference). if mr.bear was a mrs. i would be all about the bubble color, but lavender doesn't really suit him.

so the bottom line (no pun intended).... not too terribly different from the 3.0s, but i'm okay with that as i love my 3.0s. all my bumgenius diapers are bullet proof. they wear well, are super trim and last a long time. the snaps are a fabulous up grade. so happy to have them. and prints are supposedly ( i totally say this supposably... apparently i've said it wrong all these years) around the corner so i am holding out on those. right now our medium aios still fit fine, but once we out grow those i will probably replace them with 4.0s since they have snaps and i find them better for older babies.

have you tried out a4.0? what are your thoughts?

ps... if you are new to cloth diapers or are curious about trying them, bumgenius is the place to start! they are so simple and trim and work great. i highly recommend them!

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Amber said...

Great review...and gave me a're so funny and you write just like you talk! LOL! I can't wait to touch these IRL and try them out too....I'm liking the noodle a lot too! Thanks for the review!

Jules said...

so I found your blog from Diaper Shop's facebook page... Hi :)

I made the mistake of ripping on BumGenius for not having a very impressive diaper upgrade. THEN I ordered 6 4.0s and I quickly ate my foot!
I love the snaps - I'm a new velcro hater b/c of all the fuzz (plus, my husband never remembers to close them and now he owes me new cloth...YAY!) and while the new colors are more quiet than I prefer, they're still nice :)

I also LOVE that I can use the same diapers on my 3 month old daughter as well as my 23 month old son. AWESOME!

Bonnie said...

I'm with you. I see no big change from 3.0 to 4.o- but thats ok since I like my 3.0. I would recommend buying the 3.0's b/c you can get them cheaper now, and again, no big difference :-)

Maria and Michael's Mommy said...

I like the 4.0's, they are a little bit bigger (more like the size of the FLIPS) and that will help out when DS is closer to PT'ing (he's 2.5mths now) My daughter did fit in her 3.0's until she was PT'ed around 30lbs, but it's nice that these are a little larger. I ordered 2 in the Butter color and so far I really do like them. They fit my 14lb son wonderfully, as do the 3.0's. I'd love some more 4.0's in brights, but since I was able to go to the Cottonbabies used diaper sale I have about 50 BG's in my rotation right now and will not be buying diapers for quite a while.
I do like some velcro in my stash, but once it starts getting bad I replace it with snaps. It's pretty easy if you have a pair of snap pliars.
Thanks for your review!

greenkiddo said...

thanks new readers for coming by and commenting! hope you will stay around!