Monday, July 19, 2010

day 1 mimi and pop camp - project playroom

the big kids are at mimi and pop camp this week (hip hip hurray!) and i have a list of projects to complete while they are gone. today was tackling the playroom. i ran to ikea yesterday and got one more storage shelf. i'm in love with these shelves and wish that was all we had in our playroom as they hide the mess so well. last night i made labels for my buckets and today i cleaned out, rearranged and organized. i am really happy with how it turned out. i need to make a few more bucket labels, but besides that this room is now mr.bear safe and ready to go. all small pieces have been put away and he has free range to play in there with the big kids now.

still have some art work to hang up on this wall, as soon as i find my sticky tack.

sorry the lighting is so bad in this one. i took these with my camera phone because i'm lazy like that.

don't you love my magnet wall? another great ikea find! now my fridge is free from all those darn leap frog magnets

close up of my tubs and labels

if you can't tell just by looking the room, i use to teach 1st grade. this room now kind of feels like my old classroom with everything labeled and organized with a specific place to go. it's my happy place right now (unlike my closet which is a wreck and the next project on my list). i printed my labels on cardstock and super dad dropped them off this morning to the office max to have them laminated for me. i than used sticky velcro dots to attach them to the buckets. my thought is that way if i need to move stuff around it's just a quick rip of the velcro and viola! buckets are changed. i know, it was a genius thought, occasionally i have those.

so what do you think? turned out pretty good, huh? now off to help super dad clear out our closet... new organizational system coming in there asap!

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Ms. Resourceful said...

I want to come play in your playroom! It looks so nice and organized, and I love the labels. You have some lucky kids.

Mommy's Busy said...

Anybody who can say they "just ran" to Ikea is one lucky girl:) I would love to go there.

Kimberly said...

I LOVE the magnet wall. I NEED this. Rex LOVES the magnets on the fridge and I hate picking them up all the time. Next time you "run to IKEA" let me know! :)

Way to go!

Marci said...

so cute steph! I need a magnet wall. was it a recent purchase? how do you hang it?

i need a playroom!!!

Anonymous said...

Our playroom looks like a classroom too... I guess once you teach, it just stays in the blood!