Friday, July 10, 2009

friday favorites: mini boden

Mini Boden
is by far my favorite place to get clothes for Bubbie. Full price the prices are a little higher then I would pay, but if you sign up for their e-newsletter you can get great deals. For example this past spring on April Fools Day, they offered 20% off your total plus free shipping! I ordered Bubbie two tops, two pairs of shorts and two bathing suits and got a great price on them! Bubbie has the blow fish shirt above and it is super cute and he has been able to wear it for two summers as they size their clothes to fit two sizes (ie 5/6).

They also carry adorable stuff for girls! Sass is just starting to really fit in their "big" girl clothes, although I had ordered her several things last summer from the baby department. These clothes wash and wear amazingly and if you are into ebay, they resell awesome! The end of season sale is going on right now. This is a great time to stock up for next summer!!

I love me some Mini Boden!! What's a favorite product of yours? You can write about anything, clothes, food, cleaning products. Share your favorites with us and join this blog carnival by using MckLinky below! I can't wait to hop to your blog and read about one of your favorite things!

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Ashlee said...

I love Mini Boden too. I linked to some stuff I like.

Alison said...

Love that octopus shirt! I may have to get that one since it's Ava's fav animal! So cute!