Thursday, July 9, 2009

bye bye pull ups! hello imse vimse trainers!


Well, not a great update, but I have a feeling it's more my fault than the trainers. Sass was so good about telling me this morning when she had to go potty that I didn't make her try while we were at the dr's office and we had a flood accident. Her pants did get wet, but not the floor thankfully. The interesting thing is that I don't know that it was fault of the trainers. Remember I mentioned that these run really big.... well, when I pulled the trainers off of her, the middle was wet on the inside, but not the outside. My hunch is she leaked out the sides because little bitty's theighs are big enough to fill up the leg holes. We are going to continue testing them out the rest of the afternoon, but for now she is testing out a new goodmama fitted for nap time.... hopefully we will have more success!

Kelly's Closet had free shipping over the weekend and the Imse Vimse trainers on sale (they still are on sale), so I bit the bullet and bought a handful. I have to say first off that I am super impressed with the service from Kelly's Closet. I believe I ordered them on Sunday and they were on my doorstep yesterday! WOW! Talk about instant gratification! I will absolutely be ordering from them again!

So, these super cute trainers came yesterday. What's the difference between these and say, Gerber training pants? Well, these organic cotton undies have a layer of PUL in between the cotton which is suppose to help prevent accidents from getting the child's clothes wet, yet still feel the wetness of the undies. While we love our Gerber trainers, if Sass has an accident in them, it's flood city, so I'm too afraid to take her out for long periods in them. Because of this fear (which has been justified by puddles in public... so sorry Target, we didn't mean it..... either time it happened....), I have resorted to using Pull Ups for things like church, going out shopping, and play dates at other peoples homes.

I hate using Pull Ups, not only for the environmental reasons, or the cost, but I might as well put a diaper on the girl, because she totally knows the difference and will use the Pull Up just like a diaper. She is much more aware of her accidents when she is in panties. You know you are in trouble when she says "mama, I did something". Never a good sign! Beware if you order, these trainers run large. I ordered Sass the 15-24 month size which ranges from 24-31 lbs, she's only 23 but these are the smallest I could find!

This brings us to today.... test day! The new cloth trainers were washed last night and dried and are ready to be put to the test. We have swim lessons this morning and then Sass gets to go to the OB with me. Perfect place to try out the trainers! I will post an update later!

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Lu said...

I also detested the idea of Pull Ups with my oldest, Bubbie. We quickly just went to normal underwears.... but I love these training pants!

Anne said...

DId you try these out? I'm looking forward to hearing what you thought of them! As are some other moms I know ;)

greenkiddo said...


I'm loving these! they work really well! click on the kelly's closet link on my site, she has them on closeout for like $10! We have 5 pairs and save them for when we are out and about!

Anne said...

Thanks for the update!

Another question for you...what is the rise like on the small size? Can you compare the fit to another cloth diaper? DD would fit into the small by weight and I wouldn't want something to be too large at the legs, but she has a long rise, plus i'm starting to wonder how long we will be need something like this...not holding my breath!

Jon and Melissa said...

I just found 4 of these at a consingment sale yesterday for $10 for all 4. They are Med. though...But now I am so bummed according to size they will be too big for my lil lady. GRR!! I have to wash them to check for sure but they are such great shape. I guess if they are to big I could sell on diaper swappers. I was planning to start potty boot camp w/ Makenlee this week or next.