Tuesday, May 19, 2009

cloth trainers vs. gerber training panties

I didn't cloth diaper Bubbie, so he was trained in Gerber training underware and pull ups. I started cloth diapering Sassie at 4 months. Now that we are potty training I have been using Gerber training pants with her too. They are just thicker underware. If she full fledge tinkles her legs get a little damp, but she is pretty good about as soon as she feels any wetness, stopping and telling me.

I have looked at cloth trainers on several of my favorite online diaper stores, but I just can't bring myself to bite the bullet and spend up to $14 or so on one pair of training pants when I can get three pair of the Gerber ones for about $6.

So fill me in! If you have used cloth trainers before what's the upside?? How are they different? I wish we had a local cloth diapering shop so I could go in and see some in person, but alas... we just aren't that green in the hot south!

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Pigskin Addicts said...
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Jon and Melissa said...

Are you living my life??? Seriously...I am in the throughs of starting to potty train Makenlee and she is going to a big girl bed i nthe next few days too....I guess that is what happens when you have kids the same age...I am in a quandry about the cloth trainers myself. I did get some blueberry side snap CD's that she can pull on and off. But I do want more undie type. I do have the gerber ones w/ plastic pants too....Are you coming to knoxville anytime soon? Cute tooties is a local store and Sunny the owner is super helpful. She has a website google it and email her if you need help.

BTW Good to see you blogging again. I am friend's w/ Kimberely Evers too. I have corresponded w/ ya before...

Melissa ~ A BumbleBaby Mommy said...

I made some of my own - they're similar to the aoi diapers - cloth insides, waterproof lining, cloth outside. I did velcro on the sides & have Ava pull them on.

She really isn't ready for them & I've found a great bargin on real Pull-ups so I've given up temporarily on the cloth ones.

Emma had cloth w/ vinyl outsides that we used. . .they worked great but I did wish the sides opened on them. They're like the undies & vinyl pants all in one. Again, Ava's just not ready for them. :(

Charndra at Part Time Diaper Free! said...

Oh, yes, go for the cloth trainers - they are often so pretty - and bamboo velour lining? Scrummy!

Commercial ones often have a bit of foam as a soaker - so puddles happen..

Cloth reusable trainers can be re-sold, and with today's economic woes, people are flocking to cloth for the savings.

You can also simply 'improve' your commercial pants by adding some more padding.

Here's a few resources:

Patterns to make your own training pants:

A visual directory of training pants:

What to consider when shopping for WAHM Cloth Training Pants:

Have fun - hope these help, I'm off to have a look around your blog - I'm right into raising my babies green!

greenkiddo said...


Thanks for the links!! what great resources! I appreciate them!

Karen said...

We also in this phase after cloth diapering for more than 2 years (mostly bumGenius one size pockets). We have 3 of the Imsy Vimse trainers, plus 2 packs of Luvable Friends pants (similar to the Gerber ones I think - but available to purchase online - I'm pretty far from the nearest Target unfortunately!). I also balked at the high cost of the Imsy Vimse, but I have to say they are better than the cheaper ones - much more absorbent. They do take forever to dry through..... Anyway I can see us reserving those for nap time and bed time once the potty training progresses a bit more (she's still in diapers for naps and bed right now). I think having a mix of both kinds is great. I like that the Imse Vimse are only available in neutral patterns, so any future children will be definitely using them. The pink, purple and bunny covered Luvable friends pants probably will only work with this one child!

Karen said...

By the way great to have you back. I've been missing your green parenting tips.

Amber said...

I debated getting some BB ones on DS....but even used they were so $$$~!

Anonymous said...

I had one pair of Imse Vimse trainers and I like them and all, but I never found that I liked them any better than the Gerber trainers. If there was an accident in either the pants would need changed regardless. And for all the changes to just the trainers due to those little dribbles but catches the Gerbers are definitely more bang for your buck. I'm a Gerber fan through and through (and I cloth diapered my daughter 15 mo - PTing and my son so far and he's 2 with unfortunately little interest in potty so far). HTH.

(Visiting from a link at Hyperactive Lu)

greenkiddo said...


THanks for the input! I think I am going to start putting a cd shell around her panties if we are somewhere that I have to worry about her ruining her clothes (ie.. our 6 hour drive to the beach next week!). Gerbers are working fine for us for now!

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