Monday, May 18, 2009

meal planning monday

Time to decide what you are eating this week......

Monday- Macaroni and Broccoli
We're actually having fettuccine noodles with broccoli, a little EVO and some Parmesan cheese. The kids will have some diced peaches with this.

Tuesday- Hot dogs, baked sweet potato fries, baked beans
We never got around to this over the weekend because we had lasagna instead. This is a kid favorite night in our house.

Wednesday- Grilled marinated chicken, brown rice, a veggie of some sort
I have a gazillion bottles of different flavored marinades because of my couponing obsession, so depending on what marinade I choose will depend on what I do for veggies.

Thursday- Make your own pita pizza night with a side salad.
I bought small whole wheat pizzas. I will let the kids choose their toppings. I have fresh tomatoes, green bell pepper, mushrooms, cheese, etc.

Friday- Macaroni and chick peas
I will post this recipe later this week, super easy, very yummy!

What are you eating this week?? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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