Sunday, May 17, 2009

big girl room

Super Dad and I worked very hard all afternoon today to set up Sassy's big girl room. It's not finished and I still need to buy bedding, but she insisted on sleeping in there tonight.... we'll see how that goes. Currently she is singing her meal time prayer song over the monitor!

I am absolutely in love with her big girl furniture. We found it at a local flea market. It is antique furniture that has been painted and distressed. You can't tell from the dresser picture, but it is painted the palest, seafoamy blue. The bed is in the softest, prettiest pink. I am on the hunt for the perfect shabby chic bedding to put on her bed and some fun accessories for her room! I also need to unhang and rehang everything on the walls of her nursery into her big girl room too!

Everyone in our home was excited to try out the new bed. I think actually daddy was exhausted from all the work I made him do today and the kids just wanted to play!

The day we found the furniture we were totally not out looking for it at all. I guess that's how flea markets go. I actually came back home, while Super Dad went back with the van to pick up the furniture. He came back with an extra surprise.... this adorable old school desk that is painted a very similar color to the dresser (neither of these pics do the color justice!). The school desk has the cutest cushion tied to it with big bows made from shabby chic fabric and pink buttons in the quilting! I will have to get a better pic when Sassy's not sitting in it!

Since Sass insisted on trying out her new bed tonight, we gathered up all her "friends" from her crib and snuggled her on in. I read her stories and tucked her in and told her not to get up with out mommy or daddy (ha! yeah right!). It was only a matter of minutes before I heard her up and shutting her door (we had gated the other side so she couldn't leave the room). A few attempts later and a couple of her favorite books to look at and she finally settled in. She has been up there singing songs and playing with her glow worm, but I think she is still in the bed.....

And believe it or not.... it's actually silent up there now!!

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Katie said...

This is a big week for little bit. Poop in the potty and a big girl bed. Which flea markets are good?

Pat said...

she does look like a big girl in her big bed

Melissa ~ A BumbleBaby Mommy said...

wow! She looks sooo old!!!

Anonymous said...

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