Saturday, May 16, 2009

potty training = painted piggies

We have been working hard the past few week on having Little Sass use the potty. She is doing awesome for only being 25 months but is notorious for waiting until after to tell me that she has pooped in her panties. So after two poopie accidents yesterday, I totally bribed her this morning by telling her that if she would tell mommy before hand and then poop successfully in the potty that she could have "polish on her toes".

Well it worked!! Little Sass proudly told me "mama, there is a big poop in there", whilst pointing at her tummy, so off to the potty we rushed. Immediately she told me "all done" but I handed her a book and told her to tell me the story. Well she only got a page into it before she proudly declared " I did it!"

Then she went and plopped herself just as you see above into one of our recliner chairs and waited for me to gather all the polish materials. This is also the only time she doesn't fight me on clipping her toesnails so I snuck quick clipping in there too! She is super excited about her pink toes and we even added a little bling bling to the big toes, which is cracking me up! She than proceeded to add sticker bling to her tiny ears which is pretty stinkin' cute too! She also was completely intrigued by me weaving some paper towel strips between her toes and immediately walked on her heels when she was done.... apparently that skill is instictive because I never taught it to her!

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