Tuesday, June 2, 2009

splish splash

Sass is having a blast!

We are actually all having a great time here at the beach. Bubbie has discovered boogie boarding and spends hours in the waves. Although this morning he declared that he will no longer be getting his hair wet while at the beach. When asked why, he very matter of factly told me " so I don't have to take any more showers here". Silly boy! Chlorine and salt water don't account for bathing.... well at least not on a daily basis.

Sass isn't so interested in getting into the "big" ocean, but she loves the little one... AKA a puddle that seems to form every night and is perfect for her to splash in. She also continues on being the master of disaster. She can hardly contain herself as you build a sandcastle because she so eagerly awaits smashing it into smithereens!

Last night we ate at this super yummy brick oven pizza place, then went for ice cream. It was also our maiden voyage in the Phil and Teds. Bubbie is truly too big for a stroller but wanted to ride anyway and Sass loved sitting underneath, not nearly though as much as she loved kicking the top seat where Bubbie was trying to relax and enjoy his ride.... good thing she doesn't get to stay down there too much longer! I loved the stroller though. Who knew I could push 70 lbs of kids around so easily with just one hand if need be!! I'm happy with my investment!

Well, the kiddos are headed to go see the dolphins. Guess I need to go throw on a suit!

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