Monday, June 1, 2009

swim diaper solution

We have had a swim diaper dilemma with Sass. She is so super tiny that we have had some embarassing swim diaper moments in the past. I started trying the traditional disposable swim diapers last summer and had a few blow outs in pools which is by far the most mortifying experience I have had ever as a mother. Especially when the blowouts where not the type that could easily be scooped out. I was really hoping that now she is a year older we would have outgrown this problem, but I quickly learned during our March Disney trip that we had not! YUCK! She isn't even leaking out the side which is what you would expect, yet the top because the waist bands just aren't tight enough.

I have spent the last few weeks reading and researching cloth swim diapers just not sure if any of them would work. I picked up an
I Play swim diaper at Bab ies R Us to give a try. It was cheap and I didn't have to order it so I could have it in time for our trip. Well I am happy to say........ it works! It's much tighter than the disposable ones around her waist and theighs so it contains much better. I do feel bad that she has some marks from the elastic but they don't seem to bother her at all. Several online diaper stores sell these too, but I love that I can run to Target or Babies R Us to pick up some more.

Sass has been a little fish running between the pool and the ocean along with Bubbie who has discovered boogie boarding and loving it!

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Alison said...

I'm so glad you found something that worked with your skinney minnie! We have some cloth swim diapers we picked up at our swim school, and I love them!

Katie said...

We use these too. I actually got a size smaller than my kids normally wear just so it would hold everything in. Got mine at Harry's. Glad y'all are having fun.

Karen said...

I've had good success just using the pocket from a pocket cloth diaper (ie. with no insert). We have one that we reserve as a swim diaper just in case the chlorine messes with the normal cloth diaper wash.