Thursday, May 21, 2009

my new favorite hair clippies

I just got some new hair clippies in for Sass from Briar.Claire that I am absolutely in love with. As you can see, baby girl has some serious cow lick (do you spell that literally?) going on up front. We are attempting to grow her hair into a little bob but the front pieces are taking forever and need to always be pinned back. I am sure you haven't noticed (ha!), but we do a lot of big hair bows (it's the south, what can I say?), but I was wanting something different to try and these clippies are rockin' my world!

I discovered these clippies on one of my favorite blogs to read My Charming Kids.
Briar.Claire was having a fund raiser last week for Baby Stellan's favorite causes and I went to check it out and ordered a few to try. I am in love! I can't wait to go on and order more.

Sass was super excited to open up her mail and see what was inside. She immediately chose the green and yellow and asked me to put them in. I, of course, obliged. She was not quite as excited at nap time when I made her take them out. But she is not quite excited about a lot of things through out the day, hence "sass".

I am so excited to go peruse Briar.Claire some more and order some more clippies. Besides that these clips are ridiculously cute, I love that she make snap clips and not just alligator ones. Snap clips fit best in Sassy's hair and it's hard to find cute ones. I can't wait to make some piggy tails and clip these in!

ps. Please try and ignore the dirty face. We just had gotten home from the Square where Sassy had a blast digging in a small pile of dirt. Gotta love the color of some good ol' Georgia red clay!

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