Thursday, May 21, 2009

summer makeover

Super Dad worked hard and late the last two night cleaning up Green Kiddos and giving us a fresh new look for summer. What do you think?? Didn't he do a great job?! I tease him a lot about his geeky, techie skills... but deep down inside I'm impressed! He is super smart!

I am loving the header... if you refresh your page you will get a great surprise! Share your feedback. How do you like the new look? Is it loading faster for you now that the polka dots are gone??

Thanks honey! You're the best! I love my new look!

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Ashlee said...

Your geeky (and cute!) husband did a great job. I love the header and the lime green color on the sides. Very sleek.

Amber said...

I do love the color!! It's like my shirt! But I refreshed and I must be missing the surprise?

greenkiddo said...

the header keeps changing pics everytime you refresh... did it not work for you??

Katie said...

Tell Superdad he did a great job! I love what he did with the refresh...very cool & so cute!