Friday, July 18, 2008

wipes solution.... it doesn't belong in a sippy cup

I use these wonderful little bits to make wipe solution for Gracie. First I started with them in the good ol' peri bottle that we all get sent home from the hospital, then I use a wipe warmer, but am now back to dry wipes and the peri bottle. Basically, baby bits are just glycerin and tea tree oil. You add one to your water solution and desolve. It's a good, natural cleansing solution. I have been using them for awhile and purchase them from Jillian's Drawers.

So, now to why wipe solution does not belong in a sippy cup. Yesterday, I was changing Gracie's diaper. I went to put the dirty one in the pail with the wipes (which I keep in our laundry room since it's right next to her room). I come back to find Gracie chugging wipe solution right out of the bottle. I normally put the bottle up on her dresser, but must of left it down while I was taking care of dumping the diaper. I looked at the ounce mark on the bottle and going by memory of where I thought it was prior, it look like she had drank about two ounces of it. I called poison control and the good news is tea tree oil is not toxic and nothing happened to her. The solution was mostly water ( I actually tasted it while on the phone with posion control) and they told me the worst thing that might happen is she would vomit, which she did not. Now if only I can convince her that vegetables taste way better than wipe solution........

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Renee said...

definitely one of the many benefits to an all-natural solution! :)

Amber said...


Now poison control twice in a few month for Gracie!?!? Do they know you by name now! Glad she's OK and very interesting to find out how you do your wipes, too!

Katie said...

OMG!!!! Gracie girl, what are we going to do you? If it makes you feel better, I too have called poison control since Hadley's birth :)

Anne said...

LOL Alexandra loves to try to drink out of the squeeze bottles I got at Target to put wipes solution in. We stick with a spray bottle and I usually put it out of her reach.

I'm glad Gracie was OK! It's crazy the stuff our kiddos will and won't consume.

Channah said...

Wow, and I thought my baby eating my library book the other day was bad - yikes! Thank goodness there wasn't anything harmful to be ingested in there!

lolasmom said...

note to self...move wipe solution! DD's not old enough to reach for things yet but I'm sure it'll come any day now!

Thanks for the heads up! And I'm glad your little one's alright!