Wednesday, July 23, 2008

children's warehouse sale

If you like MonkeeMoos, come see it all in person!! We will be at the Children's Boutique Warehouse sale on Friday and Saturday this weekend. Click here for all the details if you are in the Atlanta area!

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Renee said...

agh! we'll be out of town...bummer!

Drunken Dragon said...

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Katie said...

Where are you? I miss the blog! Just as I was getting green:)

Jennie said...

I was in Atlanta for the Women of Faith conference!!! It was wonderful. Got there Friday night around 9:00. Left Sunday morning. Sorry no call, Love! I will be returning for a friends wedding the weekend of Oct 24-26 (i think). Are y'all in town that weekend? You still going to Church of the Apostles? Miss you Honey! Big Love, Jennie