Monday, April 21, 2008

my meals for the week....could change at any moment!

Okay night one of project "eat what's in the house" here is what we ate....

organic blueberry vanilla yogurt pancakes
l: met matt at Whole Foods for lunch
d: tacos with organic ground beef, organic crushed tomatoes and carrot puree added to them, corn, and left over fruit from lunch


b: probably kashi blueberry waffles, fruit and vanilla yogurt
l: left over tacos or grilled cheese on honey flax, fruit and chips
d: something with back with more details, organic green beans, annies mac and cheese


b: kids will be at my moms due to a MonkeeMoos show I am doing
l: MonkeMoos show....not sure what I will eat
d:pasta of some sort


b: TBD
l: playdate after school at a friend's house
d: organic peachy pork and rice


b: Corn Muffins with strawberry jam
l: TBD
d: grill out chicken and some sides TBD!!

So the week is still a work in progress!!! Share your menus.... I need some ideas!

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