Sunday, April 20, 2008

meal planning sunday- earth day edition

One of the first steps in going "green" is to REDUCE, so in honor of Earth Day I am issuing a meal planning challenge! Last week Oprah did a show on waste. I don't watch Oprah often these days, but this show seemed worthy of my hour. Anyway, she showed how much we waste as Americans. It's ridiculous! So in honor of Earth Day being on Tuesday, I am challenging you, my readers, to plan your weeks worth of meals out of what is already in your pantry and fridge (as much as reasonably possible). I know I tend to over buy and then when I clean out my pantry and fridge I am throwing away a lot of things that are either not opened or only half way used. Let's get creative, some up with fun, new dinners and use what we already have!

I will post back my menu as soon as I make it! I challenge you to leave me a comment with your menu too (maybe we will inspire each other!). Ready, set, GO!

ps. Check back often this week for more Earth Day Challenges!!

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Posh Mama said...

I love your blog and always find something interesting here. Keep up the excellent job! Much love, xoxo-pm

charlie&gracie said...

thanks posh mama! glad to know you are reading!!

deemonty said...

What a great idea! I meal plan every week, but love this challenge of using pantry items. I'm in!

Amber said...

I'm lurking! I want to know what people concoct!

thebellyadmin said...

Okay night one of project "eat what's in the house" here is what we ate....

organic blueberry vanilla yogurt pancakes

lunch: met matt at Whole Foods for lunch

dinner: organic tacos with carrot puree added to them, corn, and left over fruit from lunch

ummadam said...

so far:

B- Annies Honey Bunnies cereal with 1% milk, banana
S- homemade banana choc chip muffins, milk (coffee!)
L- Skippy Natural PB & Polaner All-Fruits on whole wheat, organic golden delicious apple slices
S- strawberry yogurt
D- (adults) "salad bar" (romaine, cukes, carrots, chick peas, feta, chicken nuggets cut up into tiny pieces, olives, hard boiled eggs and a variety of dressings)
(kiddo) chicken nuggets, leftover rice, (unsweetened) strawberry applesauce, v8

B- (coffee! x 2) pb & honey toast, banana, ovaltine milk
S- american "cheese square"
L- annies mac and cheese, (unsweetened) granny smith applesauce
S- goldfish crackers, water
D- organic vanilla yogurt, fruit salad (fresh: bananas, apples, grapes frozen/thawed: wild blueberries, strawberries canned: pineapples, peaches), cheese quesadilas, salsa
S- banana choc chip muffins

B- cheerios & milk
S- goldfish crackers, v8 Fusion (dilued)
L- Annies mac n cheese, pb & j, ovaltine milk

thats it so far :)