Tuesday, March 11, 2008

a greener costco??

This weekend we hit the local Costco after church to pick up a few things. I was impressed by how they increased their organic selections. I found several products that I normally purchase at the grocery store in bulk and cheaper at Cosco. Here are some of my green finds!

Kashi Blueberry Waffles

A HUGE bag of frozen mixed organic berries

Strawberry "milkshakes" according to Charlie!
I also got the largest bag of frozen organic green beans that you have ever seen , four cartons of organic/free range chicken broth, organic poptarts and Charlie and Gracie's favorite purchase..... the gigantic tub of organic vanilla animal crackers that are shaped like Winnie the Pooh and Friends!

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Amy said...

Our Costco in Atlanta has also started carrying organic meats. Finally stores are catching on!

charlie&gracie said...


That's good to know! I didn't check out the meat section... I wonder if Kennesaw is that hip yet??


Amber said...

I'm impressed with your finds!

lamamanaturale' said...

Costco is great about having a few organic finds. I've even found organic veggies in the frozen section. Recently, my sis found some organic baby clothing up to 24mos. from Agabang-ALSO, we get organic V-8 from there too! Oh YEAH, have you seen the Organic Batter Blaster! OMG- look for it next time usually with the diary products...pancake batter in a can (like whip cream). It's actually tasty. Great for camping trips. I'm from CA. so it may vary store to store. I haven't seen the animal cookies- so I'm gonna keep my eyes peeled. thx.

Melissa Christianson said...

Did you see Costco has ECHO laundry detergent too? I just noticed that.

charlie&gracie said...

I am so intrigued about the batter blaster... I totally will be on the look out!

Melissa- we buy the ecos detergent there. its magnolia and lily scented, it smells yummy but is still super sensitive!

michelle said...

Stephanie emailed me about donating a copy of ECO BABIES WEAR GREEN - I'd love to but I tried to email her back and it keeps getting bounced back to me. How can I get in touch with her?

Thanks, michelle@ubwb.com

Love the site!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm excited about seeing new Organic options in stores. Target even serves organic yogurt and milk with kids meals.