Tuesday, February 12, 2008

just another reason to love chipotle

If you aren't familiar with Chipotle, it is some of the yummiest, quick service, Mexican food around. I love their "bowls" which are basically a burrito with out the shell and their barbacoa meat is incredible. We tend to go to Chipotle on Sunday's after church, since there is one right by our church. Charlie and Gracie love black bean and cheese quesadillas, so its a hit all around.

To make my Chipotle experience even better, this past weekend I noticed a big sign saying that all their meat is hormone and antibiotic free. They are very in to gentle and healthy farming methods....now I can eat there totally guilt free!! They pride themselves in something that they refer to as, "Food With Integrity" .You can read more about their farming methods here.
Make sure you click on the links above and it walks you through all their foods! Also check out this cool timeline, this goes through all the green changes Chipotle is making, like organic beans and recycling.

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Candy said...

Ohhhh, I love me some Chipotle! I've noticed before that they've said all their meat is antibiotic free. Gotta love when a "fast-food" chain takes on the healthy stands w/o making HUGE proclamations that are only partial truths (kind of the "he who protests too much" type thing)

EWeigle said...

Steph, love to hear this....we LOVE Willys and have never heard of Chipotle!?! Where are they located near church?


charlie&gracie said...


they are north on 41 going toward cumberland, on the right. its super yummy!

Anonymous said...

I love Chipotle. I may even go there for lunch today. Their pork is amazing! And I don't even like pork all that much -- well, except for bacon, yummmmm! Now I'm hungry :o)