Monday, February 11, 2008

high fructose corn syrup

Natalie Dee

I am sure by now you have heard that high fructose corn syrup is not one of the best things for us to be eating. And if you read labels at the grocery store you will notice that it is in EVERYTHING!! It has actually become a game between Matt and I to find HFCS in the craziest foods that are even marketed as "healthy".

If you don't know what HFCS is, basically, its a cheap form of sugar that acts as a preservative in our food. And a lot of people blame America's obesity problem on it because we end up eating way more sugar than we realize since its hidden in everything. Here is a more technical definition from Wikipedia.

Because of this, I have been working really hard to find foods that do not contain HFCS in them for my kids. One of my biggest surprises was that almost all wheat breads have HFCS in it. So here are just a few of some of my new favorite HFCS free foods:
You can read more about why HFCS is not good for you here.

Corn Syrup image is from here.

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ash33 said...

Yeah, it is in a lot of foods. It would just be too expensive for me to cut it out of my diet completely. I am just trying to cut down how much sugar I eat and balance it out with healthier foods.

Amber said...

I thought Nutri Grain bars were healthy until one day I decided to turn the box over and read the ingredients. Ingredient #1: HFCS!

charlie&gracie said...

Isn't it said that its more expensive to eat healthier.... you can just do the best you can do. I have noticed about a $30 increase in our grocery bill from going to more organic/natural foods. I figure that's just one less meal out!

Anne said...

I love to buy the no sugar added applesauce for DD and I. I was excited to find it with blueberry added, too. It's less expensive than a jar of baby food applesauce, has the same ingredients, and Alexandra and I can share!

I'm really noticing just how many things have HFCS in them. I don't mind including some in my diet, but I'm hoping my daughter won't develop the strong taste for sugar that I have. The less of it I eat, the more I notice just how sweet that HFCS stuff can be!

ash33 said...

Yes, charlie&gracie, it is definitely more expensive to buy organic foods. The Whole Foods near me is way too pricey-I think it's a little over the top. I can get almost 3x as much at a regular supermarket for the same price. I don't know if regular sugar is necessarily better for you than HFCS though. Sugar is still sugar and not good for you to eat a lot of, IMO. For me it's more about making better choices overall than cutting out one specific thing.

Catherine said...

It is really a big problem for us. high fructose corn syrup can be found in most foods and drinks that are available in grocery stores. I suggest that eat organic foods, exercise and get vitamin d from the sun to stay healthy.