Thursday, February 7, 2008

a blueberry bottom

Most people are intrigued when they find out I use cloth diapers. They automatically think pins and folding and plastic pants, but boy cloth diapers have come along way. There are tons of choices out there now.

One of my favorite brands of cloth diapers is Blueberry. I was first drawn to them for their minky covers. I don't use covers often though, because I prefer an AIO (all in one) or pocket diaper, but boy those minky dipes are cute and super soft.

During one of Blueberry's famous sales I stocked up on their pocket AIO's. These are a hybrid diaper so to speak. You can stuff them like a pocket, but there is also an already built in insert, so you don't have to, unless you need some extra absorbancy. Up until now we have been fine not stuff, but I think, now that Gracie is drinking more out of a cup, that we are on the brink of needing to get some thin hemp doublers to put inside the pocket.

The colors of these diapers are super cute. You also can choose between aplix (velcro), side snaps or front snaps for your closure. I prefer the side snaps, but have about half side snap, half aplix. I usually leave aplix diapers with other people because they are the most like a disposable.

Another great option Blueberry offers is a one size diaper. These are great because they have snaps in the front. You start off with them snapped all the way down and as your baby grows you move up in snaps. While they are pricier off the back, these diapers fit most babies from 8-35 lbs, so once you have made your investment you are done.

I highly recommend signing up for Blueberry's e-newsletter. They run great sales and that is when I tend to stock up on some new dipes!

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