Wednesday, November 28, 2007

fun green stocking stuffers

I was perusing Babies R Us the other day looking for some fun stocking stuffers forBubbie and Sass. I was surprised to see our favorite Sassy toys taking on a natural spin. While they still have some plastic on them, I thought their new natural brights line was really cute. They have lots of fun rattles and even a small baby doll. I will definitely be picking some of these up for Sass's stocking!

Then I was on the hunt for Bubbie. Bubbie is my sugar boy. He loves lollis and treats. I was happily surprised to find some yummy organic lollis for him at the check out aisle while at BRU. The whole bag was only a $1.99 too! I bought a bag to keep in my diaper bag (always need good "incentives" on hand!), but I plan to get another bag for his stocking. They come in fun flavors too like razzmatazz berry and pomegranate pucker!

While in Trader Joes the other day, I was in need of a new toothbrush so I picked one up by Preserve. I love it so much I went looking to see if they made a kids toothbrush and they do. I found the Preserve Jr. at Wholefoods. Bubbie will be getting the Grizzly Bear Brush in his stocking. These toothbrushes are made from recycled Stonyfield Yogurt cups!
Have you found any fun green treats?? If so please share them in our comments!!

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the mama said...

somehow i stumbled onto your blog... i have no clue how, but here i am!

i was especially happy to see this post. i never, ever go to BRU, but it's great to see that they're carrying these great products!

we're also trying to "go green." we've ditched our plastic bags (yeah, it was rough) and have been using gdiapers. i'm happy with our small improvements and like you, am constantly looking to make more changes.

cheers to you and your efforts!