Wednesday, July 7, 2010

ice cream for breakfast?

i read a recipe on my friend shelly's blog yesterday (you should check out her blog.... she's crazy!). i immediately knew we had to try it out this morning because it was ice cream for breakfast... and you will actually feed your kids this! she took great pictures. i was in too much of an excited hurry to get to the finished product to pull out my camera so you will have to go to her blog if you need visuals.

so now to the important stuff. this is a perfect recipe as it only calls for two ingredients, frozen bananas and a splash of milk. i already had two bananas in my freezer so i was ready to go (note to self, next time peel and chunk banana up prior to freezing otherwise a hammer is needed to open them. no i am not kidding.) chunk up your frozen banana and add a good size splash of milk into your blender/food processor/ magic bullet (my preferred method!). whip it up and voila! breakfast ice cream. i did have to take a spoon and mix around the banana a few times before the bullet really got going and giving it a good whip just as a heads up.

now normal kids would be thrilled to try this out. mine, well not so much. it could have something to do with them seeing their father take black bananas out of the freezer and beat them with a hammer. next time i will prep this when they aren't around. the baby on the other hand devoured it.... he wasn't afraid of a hammered up banana.

i am curious to try this out with other frozen fruits. peaches maybe? frozen pinapple... sounds yummy! let me know if you give any other fruits a try and if they whip up to the same creamy consistency!

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M said...

My mother used to make something similar, though they always had more milk and a very thick milkshake consistency- and she always sprinkled nutmeg on top. Yum!

Now I make them for the kiddos. Pre-peeling the bananas is a must. They don't need to be pre-chunked though. I've found if you wrap them with plastic wrap and put them in a freezer bag, they won't stick together, and can broken by hand fairly easily before tossing into the blender.

We use any sort of mixed fruits including various berries (though these can be a bit seedy and not as smooth/creamy), mango, peaches, and pineapple (which also has the potential for being a bit stringy/pulpy textured). It is also good with a bit of OJ. Frozen bananas have a very sweet, but mild flavor, so they make a good base for the other fruits- especially the berries which can be a bit tart.

I think next time I make this, I will definitely have to try to make them thicker- I think mine will like the thought of eating them with a spoon.