Tuesday, June 29, 2010

bumgenius 4.0s.....

UPDATE! i have heard that brights are coming back and prints are in the making! can't wait now to get my hands on a 4.0! when I do I will be buying mine from my sweet friend Amber at heavenlyhold.com. if you are looking for a place to get them I highly recommend her site. she is a reliable, stay at home mom, who runs a great business! i buy all my carriers and bumgenius diapers from her!

What's new:
Larger sizing
Updated hook & loop closures
Replaceable elastic
3 new (pastel) colors:
Sweet, Bubble, Noodle

And SNAPS are available!!

what do you think? discuss please....

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Hyperactive Lu said...

I love the new Velcro to be more similar to disposables, but that was the no. 1 complaint that I had been told my veteran cloth diapering Mamas before we started to buy- "don't use velcro" because it wears out, etc.

My children tend to stay under the size 4 disposable diapers so we've never had any issues with our cloth diapers being too small, etc.

Overall, I love the new look, colors and new design changes and we love the company.

steph said...

well my biggest disappointment was the color selection. i was super bummed to hear that brights were being discontinued and we were only getting more pastels, but much to my surprise apparently BG just disclosed that the brights are coming back they just don't have a release date yet. YAY! more ribbit and moonbeam dipes for us!

Amber said...

I wish there were some fun, modern prints! I can't wait to see the 4.0's though!!

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