Monday, November 9, 2009

a new playgym for bubba bear

While visiting super dad's hometown a few weekends ago, some sweet friends of ours blessed us with a babies r us gift card for bubba bear. Being he is number three, we don't need much as far as baby gear goes so usually gift cards get used on essentials like pacis, wipes and baby wash. I decided to treat bubba bear though to a new activity gym. He deserves to have at least one thing that no one else has used and spit up on! Our old activity gym wasn't cute, the bar stunk at staying up and good gracious if I had to hear those tunes it played again I might have to have myself committed. So tonight I had to run to good ol' BRU for saline drops and menthol baby wash as croup and colds have hit our house and since I had no little bitties with me I took a few quiet moments to peruse the store and see what I could find for mr. bear to entertain himself with. I stumbled across this super cute playmat. You can't tell from this picture but the fabrics on it are very Amy Butler-ish and super cute! Besides chocolate brown, turquoise and orange are my favorite color combo right now and polka dots are always a hit with me!. I love that it also folds up easily so I can stash it out of the way quickly and pull it out when needed. Seriously if you are on the hunt for a play mat or a baby shower gift check this on out on amazon and zoom in on the cute prints! Things sure have come a long way since bubbie was born 5 years ago and everything was either pastels or primary colors! Oh and I will mention to that it's a good bit cheaper at BRU than online!

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Jon and Melissa said...

I hear ya on things coming a long way since I had my first almost 5 yrs ago. I peruse BRUS sometimes when I need a shower gift and I sorta get jealous that my friends are getting cooler stuff then I had. The prints and patterns have come a LONG way. So retro and fun. Love it! I had both my kids bedding custom made just b/c I could not handle what I found in the stores.