Monday, August 24, 2009

not my kid monday

We are putting a spin on Not Me Monday this week. You get a week off from confessing your own "sins" as a mother and get to rat out your little ones and all the things they did not do this week! Head on over the My Charming Kids to join in on this fun blog carnival today!

Last week was our official last week of summer as preschool starts tomorrow. We packed our week with fun which lead to some great funny moments. Here are a few highlights:

I have recently taught Bubbie how to unhook Sass from her car seat. Once the new baby arrives they will both be in the back of the van and I will need his assistance in this for carpool. As he was helping her out he most definitely didn't squeeze her tiny little thighs and tell her " you need to go work out at the gym, your legs are all squishy"! (good thing he hasn't seen my thighs up close lately!!).

Sass just completed her third week of "nymnastics". She has a mind of her own and does what she wants most of the class but the teacher doesn't seem to notice because she is one of the only ones who doesn't wander off so while the teacher is herding back the others, she is doing her "nymnastics" her own way. The teacher has recently been working with them by gently raising their toes up to the bar while they hang from it. Well little monkey girl absolutely did not pull her feet up all by herself and then do a full back flip while holding on the bar totally unassisted not once, but twice, while no one was watching her!

Bubbie also started t-ball this week. Wouldn't you know that the night it is suppose to start the rain started to come. Not being much of an athlete I had no idea really what to expect when we got there. I should have realized lots of red dirt would be involved, which turns quickly to mud once it gets drizzled on, but what did I have to worry about Sass HATES being dirty. She would never sit in this damp, red dirt and play and play and play all while wearing a white outfit. Not my priss pot! And she certainly would not have enjoyed it!

While we are speaking of Miss Sassy Sass, remember all our potty training debacles? Well they are still going on. She knows what to do and will do it when she wants to but there is no making her. I still put a cloth diaper on her at nap and bedtime. The other day I walk into her room after nap and before I could say one word to her she did not tell me her first "lie" ever!! Not my child! At not even 2 1/2 she would never be deceptive enough to say " mommy that is NOT pee pee in my diaper, it's just some water." ( and I would never have to turn my face to not laugh at such a story!)

And lastly, one confession of my own.... as we had a false alarm thinking our newest baby would be here this weekend which ended up just landing me on bed rest, I most definitely did not allow my two year old to nap with me downstairs instead of up in her bed just so I could get a little more snuggle time with her before she wasn't the baby anymore. Nope, not me!

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Pineapple Princess said...

Aww! I just love that last picture! :)

KiwiLog said...

Hi! We loved your post over at KiwiLog and decided to feature it as a part of our weekly mom blog round-up. Thanks!

Lisa Shoch said...

What an awesome moment you captured with your camera... I wish I had one of those captured. Too sweet!

Leah said...

That pic with you and Sassy is PRICELESS!