Monday, July 13, 2009

not me monday

Not Me Monday is brought to you by one of my favorite blogs, My Charming Kids. This is a place where blog mamas can unite together and confess all their imperfections as moms, you know... all the things we would NEVER really do! ;)

After Super Dad had a "guys" night on Friday night, and "guy" time to mountain bike on Saturday morning, I never would have told him that he got to have "kid" time the rest of the day while I went to visit to new littles in the hospital and get my new baby fix. I mean, who would be excited to leave these sweet little faces to go hold new babies? Not me!!

And even though I just wasn't sure it was a great idea, I absolutely would not have encouraged him to take these two little bitties hiking up a mountain. I wouldn't have even gone as far to encourage them to take a lunch and enjoy themselves. That would just be wrong to send Super Dad out in the wilderness with these little monkeys.

While hiking said mountain, Super Dad never ever would let Sass continue to drink out of his camel bak through the 1.3 mile trek. Knowing I had told him she had gone potty right before we left the house, and that she was in panties, not a pull up, he would never let her fill her tiny bladder the whole way up the mountain.

And I absolutely would not have laughed out loud, really hard when Super Dad called me to tell me that Sass did great! She hiked the whole way up! And then while riding on his shoulder on the way down peed all over him! Never would I laugh at that! That would just be mean!

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Shelly said...

I love holding new babies! There's nothing like that sweet new baby smell.

Happy Not Me Monday!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Thanks for the laugh! I bet your hubby didn't find it as funny as I do! ;)

Family American Style. said...

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Amber said...

That's great!!! I had to share with Adrian I was trying not to laugh (hurts the incision!) so he could laugh!!