Tuesday, July 14, 2009


See those little bandaided knees? Do you know how many times this little girl has taken off running this summer and ended up with knees just like those? Yet, she still loves to run. You would think she would have figured out the consequence by now, but you can't slow her down!

Parenting and teaching consequences is one of the hardest parts of this job. Some times the consequence ends up in skinned knees, others a sad, sad kid. We have really been working on learning this lesson this summer and it is no fun! But God calls us to shepard our children and this is part of my job as their mommy.

Nothing stinks worse than seeing your child upset and knowing you could fix it, but in the long run you wouldn't be teaching them want God wants them to know. We had an instance like this with Bubbie this week. He wants so badly to go to the bookstore and get a new "jack and annie" book. We told him the other day that if he cleaned up his playroom and ate a good dinner we could go to the store after dinner. Well after way too many reminders, pleas, etc. we had to do what we knew would crush him..... tell him, sorry, but no book. You would have thought the world had come to an end in our house. The tears that ensued were unbelievable and we could have stopped them in an instant by telling him we would take him anyway, but that was not what God wanted us to do. This was a chance for him to learn consequences. No fun for anyone but these lessons never are.

My biggest struggle is when to stick to my guns and when to give in. How to know which battles are worth fighting. Our biggest usually revolves around picking up toys and eating meals. Don't get me wrong, I think this boy is dynamite, but strong willed, messy and pack rat all come to mind too!

Everyone always warned me about the "terrible twos", no one prepared me for the "frustrating fours". Boy oh boy, it's so much harder! Please tell me the fives are fantastic!!

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Danielle said...

Every year comes with new and different challenges...things you never would have thought will pass as new lessons emerge. I will say once they hit kindergarten it's another ball game altogether. But itn the end it's all worth it:)

Julie said...

5 is fantastic.
six seems like it's going to be scary.