Monday, July 27, 2009

last week to get you gDiapers on sale!!

This is the last week to get the everyday g's on sale for only $40. Everyday g's come with 6 diaper covers and 6 liners and the set is normally $70. Usually one cover/liner is $18.99 so this is really a terrific deal!! Use the code g1378swanson to get your gDiapers at this great price but you have to use it before the 31st when the deal ends!!!
This code only works on the Everyday G's set... click here to see the set!!

One of the great features of gDiapers is that they are biodegradable. This means if you aren't so sure about flushing them and end up just tossing the insert you still aren't hurting the environment like you are with disposables. This video shows a comparison of how gdiapers compose compared to a non chlorine diaper (ie a 7th generation type) and a traditional diaper (ie a pampers or huggies). Those things will stay around FOREVER!! Crazy!

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