Thursday, June 11, 2009

kiwi magazine's 2009 kid's food awards!

If you are at all like me, and I suppose you must be somewhat like me if you read my blog, then you are always looking for healthy, kid friendly foods! Well our friends at Kiwi Magazine are here to help us out! They have come up with a great list by category of Kid's Favorites ranging from crackers to baby food to fruit snacks!

I hate purchasing a new organic food for my kids to have them turn their noses up to it. These foods tend to be a little pricier anyways, so it really stinks to have them not want to eat what you purchase. This list is great because the foods are already kid tested and approved! We have tried numerous things on the list and I don't see one on there that my kids didn't love.

So print this list off and keep it with your grocery notebook. (what?! You don't own a grocery notebook?? Oh, I will have to explain that another day! Until then just stash it somewhere safe.)

Thanks Kiwi Magazine for a great resource! We love you and your lists!!

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KiwiLog said...

Thanks for checking us out! Glad we could let families know about some of the yummy new snacks that are out there!