Saturday, June 13, 2009

having a great time in NYC

I flew up to NY with my mom on Friday for my cousin's bridal shower. We are having a blast on on girls getaway weekend, but I'm completely exhausted! We have been so busy. Here are some pics from our first day here.

My cousin has a beautiful apartment which she graciously gave up to us to use while we are here this weekend. This is the view from her balcony. Absolutely breathtaking!

One thing I really wanted to do while we were here was go downtown and see the 9-11 site. Unfortunately so much of it is tarped up due to construction I couldn't see much, but the experience of riding buses and subways around the city still was tons of fun!

Across the street from 9-11 is St. Paul's cathedral. Miraculously through the destruction that took place, not a single window in this church blew out. It was locked up for the day but I was able to snap a few pics through the gate.

Here is the view facing where the towers use to be standing in front of St. Paul's. It's just a big empty gap now, which is so strange to see amongst the massive amounts of buildings down there.

I peeked in any where I could to try and grasp the enormity of the place. It looks like a giant city under construction right now. There was still something solemn about it though. It was nice to stand on the platform peaking in and just taking a few moments to pray for all the souls that were lost there on that day.

After hitting 9-11 we went to visit my cousin Evan who works for an amazing photographer, Peter Lik. I have never seen photos like these before. They absolutely glow, yet there is no light behind them and he shoots with film. His talent is amazing. You should totally check out his site but I don't know if anything can do justice to what I saw in person.

We then headed to dinner and back on the subway and some how ended up just a few blocks from Times Square, so of course despite being up for a million hours at this point, I had to go see it all lit up at night. They have closed the main street in front of Times Square now, so you can walk all around. It was so cool and amazing how many people are out walking around the city so late at night. Now I know why they say it's the city that never sleeps!

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Alison said...

amazing pics! I'm so glad you're getting away to have fun. Missing you lots!

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