Wednesday, May 13, 2009

fluff sale!! woo hoo!!

Swaddlebees and Blueberry Diapers are having an outlet/seconds sale today!! It is suppose to start at 4pm EST. Click here to go directly to the site! These are my favorite cloth diapers because they are super slim and trim, yet absorbent and look so stinkin' cute on!! I am so excited to order "new baby" so fluff today!! Here are so cute pics from Swaddlebee and Blueberry of some little cuties wearing these dipes! (oh and the pic in my header is of my little sass wearing a blueberry minky!).

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Katie said...

I am definitely ordering a few larges today. Have you ever had trouble with their website? I feel like the last time they had a big sale I had a hard time placing my order. I think I eventually had to email them.

greenkiddo said...

I personally have never had trouble but sometimes when they have a big stocking like this I think their server gets overwhelmed! I am excited b/c I am order for me and Katie!! Lot's of teeny tiny diapers!!

Jeff9 said...

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