Monday, May 11, 2009

meal planning monday

I thought I would start us off with a meal plan Monday. I find when I plan meals I am much more accountable to us eating healthier and staying home for family meals. I loved this image I found because despite pureeing the best organic fruits and veggies to give my kids a great, healthy start, they both have tend to be picky eaters, especially come dinner time. So we have had to come to the choice that you eat what you serve or you choose to not eat that meal. I do always try and put at least one thing that I know they will eat on their plates, but even that does not always work!

So, enough of all that..... here is this week's meals: ( oh and keep in mind if some of my combos seem crazy, I'm pregnant!)

Rotisserie chicken, pasta w/ cheese sauce,carrots and broccoli, corn on the Cob and crescent rolls

beef enchiladas, cream corn and brown rice

spaghetti ( I puree bell peppers, carrots or other various veggies in my sauce to boost the veggies my kids get!), sauteed zucchini w/ EVO, garlic and Parmesan, salad

Thursday- Hamburger Salads
angus burgers on salad with mushrooms, onions, cheese, tomatoes, whatever you like on a burger!
and baked fried okra

Friday/Saturday- One night I'm sure we will eat out, the other we will have a natural hot dogs, with baked sweet potato fries and baked beans

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My Love Bug Kids said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! :) to answer your question, I usually don't make something different for my kids. THey usually have what we have or something slightly modified. Tonight for example we had enchiladas. They had shredded plain chicken and cheese in a tortilla. I knew they wouldn't stand for the sauce on the enchiladas.

Katie said...

I'm so glad you're blogging again! I have also adopted this "take it or leave it" attitude lately with the girls. I'm over all the meal making & pickiness. Like you, I do try to have at least one thing on their plates that they will eat.

hyperactive lu said...

The meal plan sounds yummy!