Friday, May 22, 2009

farmers market on the square

Summer is almost here and the farmer's market has opened! I love that our little town has this great farmers market and am so excited to see how it has grown over the past few years. I am really hoping that it won't rain tomorrow morning so the SD, kiddos and I can hit the farmers market!

I love the idea of buying locally grown food. While buying organic as much as possible is so important for us, environmentally speaking, you help out so much more by buying local produce too. By doing this you cut down on pollution from packaging, shipping pollution and fuel use.Plus you support your community

My kids favorite place to stop is the honey booth. There is always one of those cool honey combs that's incased in plastic (I'm sure there is a technical name for this) and Bubbie loves to search for the queen bee. The both love to get a little tube of flavored honey to suck down too!

If you live in the area, the farmers market runs from 9-12 on Saturdays! I hope to see you there!

* all photos came from the Marietta Farmers Market Facebook page. Come be a fan!*

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Alison said...


Katie said...

Have fun! I went last week. It's really too early for local veggies, but they had some. Tomatoes were from Florida (still better than California). We've been eating on our goodies all week. I was such a dork I actually took a picture of all the veggies overflowing from my cloth bag when I got home last week. It was just so pretty to me.

Danielle said...

We are heading to our local farmer's market today too!

greenkiddo said...

That is so something I would have done! I am hoping it won't rain today...

have fun!