Thursday, May 14, 2009

britax car seat installation videos

Early on we learned the hard way (umm...expensive way), that we would get the most bang for our buck by investing in Britax carseats. Our Bubbie has always been close to being off the charts both height and weight and was growing out of his cheaper seat by 18 months but obviously too young for a booster. I wish we would have bought his marathon right off the bat because at 98%ile and 4 1/2 , he still fits in the highest setting on it. When Little Sass was ready to move to a convertible seat, we put her right in the Britax Blvd. because I knew she would easily stay harnessed to atleast age 5 if not older in that seat (she is little bitty). I have always said though, that I wish all carseats came with a video explaining how to install them correctly. Bottom line, it doesn't matter what kind of seat you have if it's not installed correctly.

Well here's the good news....... if you own a Britax seat, they have a whole website FULL of videos showing you exactly how to install your seat! You can put the make and model of your specific seat in and it will show you how to install it rear and forward facing. For a visual learner like me this is great! The biggest thing I learned, that I did not know was that when you swap your child from rear facing to forward facing you have to rethread your whole latch system! Whoops! Click here to access the site, then put in your make and model!

ps. Please leave me a comment if you didn't know this either. It will make me feel much better in my lack of car seat knowledge!

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Jon and Melissa said...

I have a marathon and then when I needed another seat when Makenlee outgrew the infant seat. I bought a sunshine kids radian 65. It has a higher ht limit then the marathon. Then I put my son in that and M got the marathon. My kids are long and lean too. My kids probably will never hit the wt limit but they for sure would hit the ht limit.....The other seat I am looking into right now is the graco nautilus. I am not a huge graco fan but it does convert to a booster for later and goes up to 100 lbs...I plan to keep my 2 harnessed for as long as possible. Is 18 yrs too long ya thnk, ha!!! I want to sell the marathon to get some $$ out of it before it expires in a couple years and worth nothing....