Sunday, October 5, 2008

veggie breads

Fall is officially here and I am looking for some good veggie bread recipes. Pumpkin, zucchini, hit me with your best bread and muffins recipes. My kids love any kid of muffin/bread, so this is a good way to get more veggies in them with out them knowing. Oh, I would love a great apple bread recipe too if anyone has one! I will try them out and post my/ the kids faves.

You can email me recipes at stephanieswanson at mac dot com, or you can post them directly in to the comments.

Ready, set, go!

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Jon and Melissa said...

I have a reci for zucchinni bread w/ whole wheat flour but it has like 2cups of sugar. I would love to find one w/o so much sugar. As well as some other breads like you mentioned. Do you mind posting the reci's once you get some?

charlie&gracie said...

I hope I get some so I can post them!! I need recipes! I will start hunting for some!

Amy H. said...

i just made some pumpkin muffins from (EEEKS) a mix... i hope to make some fresh local farmers market pumpkins into muffins soon though! I have a good banana bread recipe, if you are interested?

charlie&gracie said...

amy, I would love your recipe! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I just made some chocolate zucchini muffins that were a hit with my toddler - they don't even have that much chocolate, so not as unhealthy as they sound.

chocolate zucchini muffin recipe