Monday, October 27, 2008

slacker menu monday

My menu is really slacking this week as we are really busy and not eating at home much but here goes!

Sunday- leftover pizza, applesauce and grapes
Monday- fend for yourself night
Tuesday- I have small group dinner. Family will eat annie's mac and cheese and fruit. I am making homemade yeast rolls for small group and making chicken pot pie and pumpkin bread for a friend who just had a baby.
Wednesday- I have my monthly dinner club. Family will have grilled cheese on whole wheat and soup
Thursday- Chicken Pot Pie ( I will make a double batch of the filling tomorrow so I just have to throw ours together on Thursday)
Friday- We will be having dinner at a friends for a Halloween Party. I think I am going to make corn bread and heath bar apple dip to take with us.
Saturday- some sort of pasta, maybe chicken pesto??

So, sorry we have a busy week. I am not so full of good ideas this week. What are you eating this week??

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Diana said...

hey, love your blog. thanks for commenting on mine! I'm so sorry I never called you back. It's been way survival mode. I have 3 weeks until the baby comes and not feeling the greatest. Doing the bare minimum. Email me at with your number.
I don't think I have it anymore.

Amber said...

Sounds like you have a fun week planned (planned being the operative word!). Any planning is better than none!

Katie said...

Love the heath bar apple dip...Katie made it for UGA v. UT.

Amy H. said...

Monday was the Lasagna version of my homemade "Hamberger Helping" (its a homemade base mix, sorta like Hamburger Helper, except that you make it yourself, so there are no weird ingredients in it! Then you doctor it up in various ways to make Chili Mac, Salisbury, Beefy Potato or Lasagna versions... all sorts of varieties really, given a bit of imagination and a stocked pantry lol) ... I will post the recipes on my website today-- HOPEFULLY!

Tues night was leftovers (pick of Lasagna Hamb. Helping or Southwest Chicken Soup) pb & j for the picky guy... Also made up a really nice batch of slow cooker pumpkin butter and biscuits

Wed night ....goodness, i have no idea yet LOL... pasta of some sort!

Thurs night -- Soup (kind to be determined) with apple, cheddar & spicy honey mustard paninis with green grapes on the side

Friday night -- a afternoon snack of yogurt and fruit and maybe some Cheetos Naturals (love em!) then i will be packing up a few sandwiches for 'on the run dining'

Saturday -- TBD