Tuesday, October 28, 2008

haba farm set steal

I am all about wooden toys for my kids. I love any toy that doesn't take a battery and requires some imagination to be played with. Well today on www.babysteals.com, they have this awesome wooden farm set for sale. It retails at $39.99, but is a steal today for $19.99. This would make a great Christmas present or to put away for birthdays!

Baby Steals is a great site to get awesome products at reduced costs. They have organic baby clothing on there occasionally so keep an eye out!

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Anonymous said...

$13.50 for shipping. OMG! Not exactly sure that qualifies as a "steal".

Suzanne said...

Hi, I saw this too and while I love Haba, I was decidedly disappointed in how plain it was. and the shipping cost didn't really make it a steal...
Purely by accident, I've been following your blog for a week or so now, but I just thought of another toy that you might like... pimping my own store, you should check out the Sprig Toys Adventure Series since you like toys without batteries - this one is totally kid powered.


Let me know what you think. =0)

charlie&gracie said...

ohh I thought shipping was like $7... .i didn't see that!

BundlebooMaMa said...

So cute...I agree, I am all about toys that inspire imagination...send that memo to the inlaws...who love giving us noise makers lol :)