Saturday, July 12, 2008

so what did you get during the outlet sale

I didn't get a chance to get on until this morning so I know I probably missed out on a bunch of good stuff, but I did great still I think! I LOVE Swaddlebee pockets and love their contour inserts because they are super trim ( I do not have a heavy wetter though!). Anyway, Gracie still fits in mediums but could go up to larges, and I have none so I ordered 2 mediums plus contour inserts (the inserts were full price), then I ordered 6 larges plus inserts. So all in all I got 8 new diapers plus 8 first quality inserts for $72 shipped. I thought I did pretty good! It helped that Matt had Paypal, so it wasn't like spending "real" money", LOL!

So, what did you get??

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Amy H/ ummadam said...

i got 3 Blueberry one-size organic velour fitteds.. nothing wrong w/ them except they were sewn w/ the Swaddlebees label instead of the Blueberry one... no biggie... like the label matters? hehe also a side-snap cover thats like the ABC Limited Edition but w/ snaps instead of Aplix (i got the chocolate and sage combo)... i think the cover was $8 and the dipes $12 a piece... not cheap, but cheap for what they are... they should last a good long while! Thanks for giving me the heads up on this sale!

amy h/ ummadam said...

they very randomly CANCELLED my order without issuing refund or sending me a notice that it was being cancelled... i am now out over $50 .... hmmmmmmmmmmm customer service is gonna hear about this! ... Did your order go thru fine? is it just me?