Wednesday, May 21, 2008

grow a garden

Now that summer has officially started for us, I'm going ahead and apologizing if my posts are not quite as frequent. Preschool is over and summer fun has started!

About a week ago I took Charlie to the store to pick out some plants and start a small garden in our backyard. We planted some parsley and mint. We also planted, organic greenbeans, cucumbers, squash, and roma tomatoes. We are having some much fun watching everything sprout up and get tall. It will be even more exciting when we actually have some fresh veggies to pick from our garden.

I am by no means a green thumb, but I have really loved watching my child learn from getting his hands in the dirt, and seeing his excitement each morning as he peeks out to see if his veggies are growing! Hopefully, growing his own will encourage him to eat a little more.

By far the funniest part of this experiment was when we opened the bags of organic top soil to put in our garden. Organic = stinky.... there are only so many ways to rename the end it still smells like poop!

Do you have a garden? If so, share some tips with me!

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hannah said...

Here's a tip my hubby told me. After cooking something in boiling water (pasta, veggies, etc.), carefully pour the hot water on those pesky weeds. Just make sure you only pour it on what you want dead. It kills them without having to use chemicals and it "re-uses" the hot water!

Katie said...

Instead of using metal stakes or other chemically treated items, Doug found some bamboo here in our subdivision woods & assembled it in a way for the tomatoes, peppers & sugar snaps to grow up onto it. I know it's sounds silly but your veggies do spend time resting against it. Just a thought....

charlie&gracie said...

awesome tips! i love both of them! thanks girls!

Creative Mama said...

To keep the rabbits out of our garden, we put in 4ft high chicken wire fencing. It has helped our plants survive! In the beginning we bought “rabbit guard” fencing and it did NOT keep the rabbits out, they can squeeze through a smaller hole than you might think and they can jump pretty high too, hence why we put in the 4ft high fencing! Good luck with the garden!! The kids and I are having a lot of fun with ours this year, and it is always a learning experience, some things do better some years and others the next. I thought you might enjoy this blog (another favorite of mine) if you haven’t already checked it out: