Friday, May 16, 2008

chemical free beauty??

I am trying to eliminate as many chemicals in my house as possible. I have already tackled our cleaning products and we are chemical free there now, so next project is health and beauty products. It's ridiculous the amount of chemicals we tend to put on our skin and scalp a day. When you start to think about it, no wonder the cancer rates soar (ps...this is my opinion, with no scientific data backing it up!).

This site:, can help you sort through it all. You can search by type of product or type in your favorite and see where it ranks safety wise. It's amazing! I am truly amazed (and some what disgusted), how many products that are deemed "natural", are anything but! I will definitely be making some different purchases over the next few months as I do our personal product overhaul!

If you have a favorite natural or organic health and beauty product, please share it with us in our comments!

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Amber said...

Is "mineral" make up chemical free?

Sharon said...

It all sounds very interesting but one wonders how bad every product is for them. i don't belive they are all bad as long as they are used correctly and abused.

Kristi said...

You mentioned that your next step is doing a beauty product overhaul. Take a look at: - they have organic & 100% natural hair & body care. A friend turned me on to them and I have been using them for a few months now. I think their products work better than any other "natural" brands I have tried.