Monday, March 3, 2008

the yummiest smell around

I have recently dumped (actually donated to my mother!) all the chemical cleaners from my house. I have switched to cleaning with vinegar and baking soda for most things. This is a very effective method and I feel like it really gets my house clean, but I also feel like momentarily we are living in a big container of Easter egg dye! While the vinegar smell rapidly dissipates, its not really the scent you want lingering when you have company over.

So here is my secret.... I clean my bathroom or kitchen with vinegar and baking soda, but when I am all done I lightly spray my counter tops with Mrs. Meyers Geranium Counter Top Spray. I am seriously obsessed with this stuff. It smells super yummy! Even better than that, all Mrs. Meyer's products are never tested on animals and all ingredients are biodegradable. After perusing her website I am excited to try out some new scents! You can read more about Mrs. Meyers Earth Friendly visions here.

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Sharon said...

Thanks, I'd love to give the products a try!

charlie&gracie said...

Thanks for stopping by Sharon! Let us know what you think of them!